Saturday, April 4, 2009

We had an absolute blast at Ellie's Easter Egg Hunt. There were over 30 families who came and it was so much fun. The Lord provided us with the most beautiful day...I couldn't have ordered a better one. Everyone seemed to have a really great time and stayed for a while. Ellie was probably the worst "egg hunter" in history. She found one (1) egg...took the candy out and threw the egg back on the ground. She ate 10 times more cupcakes than she found eggs. She probably got 10 people to give her a cupcake...who needs to talk when you get everything your little heart desires. Several friends stayed to help us clean up and we started jumping on Jack's (our 85 year old neighbor) trampoline! It was really fun. Thanks to the Aberdeen crew for helping me make all the decorations and cookies....the were a hit!!! The rabbit and signs were the same signs that Mom and Ladye had at our Egg hunts...they are 27 years old and in great neat! I have pictures of us with that rabbit...I wish I knew how to scan it in. We will post those soon.
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Unknown said...

Looks like so much fun. You are quite the hostess! What a lucky lady Miss Ellie all the decorations.
Happy Easter :)