Monday, April 27, 2009

Ellie's Vocabulary

As most of you know...we are a little behind in the vocabulary department. When Ellie turned one, the pediatrician asked me if she had 10-15 words in her vocabulary....I just laughed. We are slowly but surely getting more and more words. Here are the words that we have:

Meme- Charley and most all animals
Cow=moo (you ask her to say cow and she says moo)
Dog= meme...said with lots and lots of love
Mow mow= lawn mowers, diggers, big trucks and horses (not sure how they got lumped in)
Babu= BA
Nana- Mrs. Dabney and her little friend Anna
Pop- Mr. Steve (she will make the pop sound but not put any air behind it)
NaNa- Ladye
Bubba- Our next door neighbor in Aberdeen that she loves!

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Anna Newman said...

Awe, our little Peppy was WAY behind on vocabulary too. We actually did a little over 6 months of speech therapy to help her get caught up. She turned 2 in December and just in the past 2 months has started really taking off with talking and repeating what we say. Be patient and know she will catch up in her own time. She sure is a cutie!!!!