Thursday, December 18, 2008


Dear Faithful Readers of Mom's Blog,

This is Charley, and I NEED your help. I am four years old and have been told that I am a very sweet dog. I had the best life up until about...oh 17 months ago. Mommy and Daddy let me eat all the people food that I wanted. I got to sleep all day while they were at work. I got to go on walks. Then, one day in July Mommy left and came back with this little person. She wasn't so bad at first...she just cried a little. She has grown up and she walks and talks (not any language that I understand) and all she does is torture me ALL day long. She got in big trouble tonight because she threw all of her food on the floor. (which was kind of nice for me!) Then she found a red sharpie and wrote all over her face. She took all the clothes out of her drawers that Mommy had just neatly folded. (and thought it would be funny to put the pants on her head.) And...she broke a Christmas ornament. That won her a free trip to passing go...and no collecting $200.00.

If you are reading this and would like to help me...please give me a call. I need your help. Daddy said that I get to stay with Uncle Adam for a few days and I can't wait. I don't even mind not being with my Mommy and Daddy on Christmas day. I am looking forward to the break from flower head.

Thanks for your concern,
Charley Shelton
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow in Alaska....

Just thought I would post the difference between Nashville snow and Alaska snow.... I think this was even taken a month ago!!! I will be excited to visit them...and excited to come back home!!!
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Uncle Scott and Aunt Lindsey have nothing on us...

My brother and sister-in- law just moved to Alaska in October. They are always sending pictures of themselves and my neice and nephew (Jersey and Biscuit) in TONS of snow! I thought they might be impressed with the snow falling in Nashville!!!
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Ellie Shelton...Ready to take on the World

This has been quite a morning! My house was clean when we woke up this morning. NOT ANY MORE! Every drawer is unpacked and there are messes EVERYWHERE! Ellie likes to unzip her pj's and show off her chest and belly! She also loves to wear Brian's riding glasses. We call her "Hollywood!" As I was teaching her all the countries, their capitals, and a major export...she decided she also needed a scarf! Not only is she the smartest "non-talking" 17 month old...she is the best dressed, too!
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun week in Aberdeen

Ellie and I headed to Aberdeen for a few days last week. We had a great time. Ellie loved getting to see all her favorite Mississippi friends. BA fed her well and she LOVES her chocolate chip pound cake!!! YUM! She loved swinging in NaNa's backyard. She had such a fun time with Es. She loved going over to Madie's house and snooping through her drawers and playing "Where's Bubba?" She loved the cat at my dad's house. I spent a whole day trying to get a cute Christmas card picture. Nothing turned out. After dinner, NaNa took her clothes off and she streaked through the whole house laughing and giggling. She sat down in front of the Christmas tree and gave the cutest smiles....NAKED...of course. Oh well.
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Happy Birthday Amanda!!!

I have to apologize for not giving my very best friend in the whole world a birthday "shout out" yesterday. I did call her bright and early, but I just never got on the computer yesterday. Amanda is the sweetest, most fun, loving person I know. I am so honored to call her my best pal. I taught with Amanda at DeSoto Central Elementary. I was scared to go talk to her, because she was the "cool" teacher. She was so cute and well dressed and everyone wanted their child in her classroom. Someone convinced me to go talk to her about starting our Masters together! We started together and had a blast. Notice that I said...started.....we are both Master student drop-outs!!!! I was also nervous about her boyfriend, (now husband) Calvin. All I knew about him was that he went to Ole Miss, was a CPA, and lived at Southwind in Memphis. Little did I know...his dining room chairs were so old that I sat in it and it fell to the floor!!!!! There was nothing to worry about there! Amanda and Calvin are two of the most wonderful friends, parents, and Christians that I know. Happy Birthday one day late!!! Love you!
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Yesterday we decorated our Christmas tree! Ellie really enjoyed playing with the lights. She had fun putting a few ornaments on the tree. Her favorite part of the day was just getting to play with her daddy! They played outside and had a blast. Santa Clause comes to see you when you finish decorating the tree. This way you know you have been a good girl/boy and that he will be coming back to see you. He came and brought Ellie and Brian a present. It was really fun to watch them get their presents on the front porch. What a fun weekend!!!
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Thanksgiving 2008

We have so much to be thankful for this year. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Memphis with Brian's entire family. His cousin's were so sweet with Ellie...and she LOVED them! We ate WAY too much and had a blast! Thanks to everyone for a wonderful weekend.
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