Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Amanda!!!

I have to apologize for not giving my very best friend in the whole world a birthday "shout out" yesterday. I did call her bright and early, but I just never got on the computer yesterday. Amanda is the sweetest, most fun, loving person I know. I am so honored to call her my best pal. I taught with Amanda at DeSoto Central Elementary. I was scared to go talk to her, because she was the "cool" teacher. She was so cute and well dressed and everyone wanted their child in her classroom. Someone convinced me to go talk to her about starting our Masters together! We started together and had a blast. Notice that I said...started.....we are both Master student drop-outs!!!! I was also nervous about her boyfriend, (now husband) Calvin. All I knew about him was that he went to Ole Miss, was a CPA, and lived at Southwind in Memphis. Little did I know...his dining room chairs were so old that I sat in it and it fell to the floor!!!!! There was nothing to worry about there! Amanda and Calvin are two of the most wonderful friends, parents, and Christians that I know. Happy Birthday one day late!!! Love you!
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Amanda White said...

you hoochie... you are so crazy!

I love yall the mostest!

Amanda White said...

oh, and for anyone who reads this... I am not cool. CB way surpasses me in the coolness factor.