Thursday, December 18, 2008


Dear Faithful Readers of Mom's Blog,

This is Charley, and I NEED your help. I am four years old and have been told that I am a very sweet dog. I had the best life up until about...oh 17 months ago. Mommy and Daddy let me eat all the people food that I wanted. I got to sleep all day while they were at work. I got to go on walks. Then, one day in July Mommy left and came back with this little person. She wasn't so bad at first...she just cried a little. She has grown up and she walks and talks (not any language that I understand) and all she does is torture me ALL day long. She got in big trouble tonight because she threw all of her food on the floor. (which was kind of nice for me!) Then she found a red sharpie and wrote all over her face. She took all the clothes out of her drawers that Mommy had just neatly folded. (and thought it would be funny to put the pants on her head.) And...she broke a Christmas ornament. That won her a free trip to passing go...and no collecting $200.00.

If you are reading this and would like to help me...please give me a call. I need your help. Daddy said that I get to stay with Uncle Adam for a few days and I can't wait. I don't even mind not being with my Mommy and Daddy on Christmas day. I am looking forward to the break from flower head.

Thanks for your concern,
Charley Shelton
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Amanda White said...


Personally, I am not a dog fan, but I know my three year old would love to have you for a few days. You are welcome any time you need a short "escape."

Love you bunches,
The Whites

Amanda White said...

oh yeah... I do not do dog poo. Please bring your own pooper scooper.

Meredith Shapley said...

I feel your pain. We have two little people here. The first one isn't as bad as he used to be. He throws a ball to me when our mom can make him stop playing Star Wars on the Wii. The second one though...yikes. She pulls my hair and eats my food. She actually has the same "hat" as your person too. We should go get a bone together and lament over out current conditions.
Chewy Shapley

Unknown said...

Charley said that some time way has made him feel better. He is ready to see Ellie very soon! But Uncle Adam and Aunt Steph will miss him!

LWolfe said...

You are welcome to come visit me in the country any ole time! I have a backyard that we can play in and chase birds. I don't have any little people at my house, but I have heard stories. I am praying that mommy and daddy's visit to Virginia will stomp out any thoughts of little people. Come any time, you are always welcome!
Maggie Wolfe