Monday, December 1, 2008

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Yesterday we decorated our Christmas tree! Ellie really enjoyed playing with the lights. She had fun putting a few ornaments on the tree. Her favorite part of the day was just getting to play with her daddy! They played outside and had a blast. Santa Clause comes to see you when you finish decorating the tree. This way you know you have been a good girl/boy and that he will be coming back to see you. He came and brought Ellie and Brian a present. It was really fun to watch them get their presents on the front porch. What a fun weekend!!!
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Unknown said...

so CUTE cb :) I think Walker and I are going to attempt to tackle that today...wish us luck.
I'll be sure to post the process and results.
Was thinking about you and wanted to know if and when ya'll would be in Aberdeen visiting your mom and family?
I'll love to see you again and your mom and sweet Ellie--I think Walker and her would have a delightful time together. let me know. we'll be in west point dec. 26- ?
love, ejwilliams

Amanda White said...

Love that cute girl!!!