Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

Ellie was playing so well in the playroom this afternoon. I thought maybe..just maybe..I could run to the bathroom without a 16 month old and a chocolate lab. This is what she looked like when I came back. She was also chasing Charley trying to put it on his nose. I promise I wasn't gone 30 seconds. I have no idea where she even found the lipstick. I had been looking for it for months!! I guess we will have to work on how to correctly apply lipstick!
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Cate said...

OMG LC has the same cute outfit. I just love it. Ellie is such a cutie. :)

The Dendy Family said...

Carrie Beth,
I found your blog through Amanda's. Your little girl is precious:)


Kelly @ Life As A Martin said...

Carrie Beth -

I ran across your blog from Daniel & Colby's. Ellie is so adorable. I hope ya'll are doing well.

Kelly Martin