Monday, November 24, 2008

The Baby Jesus

Ellie loves the Baby Jesus...any Baby Jesus. BA gave her an advent calendar and she has carried around the Baby Jesus for weeks. She puts him in her shopping cart, Cozy Coupe, purse...just about anywhere. She can always produce him when you ask her. Our friends the McMullen's gave her a Fontanini Holy Family for Christmas last year. We opened it this morning and she was so excited about the Baby Jesus. I got her all ready for nap time and realized that she still had him in her hand. I guess there is no better person to nap with than the Baby Jesus! I pray that she always loves him as much as she does now!!!!

***Update: Ellie was crying so I went in to check on her. Minnie Mouse and The Baby Jesus were kicked out of her bed. Not sure if they were causing trouble or what...

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