Friday, May 1, 2009

Drum roll.....

I know that you all haven't been able to sleep at night waiting and anticipating what Ellie's big girl room was going to look like. Brian and I have had the best time sewing and getting it ready. It is all ready except for the bedskirts...they are in Mississippi! I have to look for just the right bedside tables and something to go over the beds...but all that will come with time. We are currently taking sewing be ready by Christmas...please have it in by May 15!
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Unknown said...

Everything looks great! I cannot wait to see it in person in a few days!

Forrest and Elizabeth Williams said...

I am beside myself with being impressed! How do you and Brian learn to sew so laugh but I do have a project that I'm going to see if you (ya'll) :) are interested in. I'll email you :)
So why does Ellie need a big girl room is she going to be a big sister in the near future?

check your email--I'll try to send you one soon.

love you roomdawg!
wish i could see your house in person--i'm sure it's off the scales in cuteness!


Cate said...

You did an awesome job! I can't believe how much you have already gotten finished since we just saw you at the fabric store. All I have had time to finish was the new diaper stacker for the nursery. But then again I did chair my high school reunion this weekend. Can't wait to see it all finished! SO CUTE!

Maggie Ethridge said...

So, so, so cute and sweet!