Saturday, March 7, 2009

Charley has competition...

When we first got Charley, we took him to McDonald's for his birthday and bought him an ice cream cone. He was so confused when I told him that he could have it. He took the whole ice cream cone down in one bite. I am pretty sure if he has a was frozen. Well...Ellie could give him some competition! She went after that cone and took it down. The ice cream was dripping off of her face. (This was after she was dipping her chicken nuggets in caramel sauce. (actually...she was dipping the nugget and sucking the caramel off!) I am such a good is all about the balanced meals in the Shelton home!!!!
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amarble said...

CB, Mary Peyton did the exact same thing with the caramel sauce and nuggets! hahaha!

Ellie is such a cutie! i love that little outfit!