Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not much going on here...

It is not secret that Ellie loves a Mimi! (for the few non-family readers..all animals...especially dogs are Mimi's!) She wakes up in the morning and drags the ottoman to the window to look for Pogo. (Pogo is a yellow lab mimi that lives next door.) Yesterday, she and Charley both were on the ottoman looking. I had to inform the neighbors that we were not stalkers...just very simple minded people who think that dogs are ROCK STARS!!

We were running late for a playdate yesterday, and I told Ellie to get ready and head to the back door. After grabbing everything I needed, I looked on the back steps and there she sat...pretty as you please! She wouldn't wear that hat one time this winter, but let it get over 70 degrees and we need it!
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