Sunday, May 2, 2010

2010 Flood!

The amount of water in middle Tennessee is indescribable. I took some pictures of our yard and crawl space but, believe me, we are very lucky compared to many residents of middle Tennessee.

For those familiar with our house, you will probably remember the creek behind our house. Charley usually lays in it during the hot summer days. The pictures below, however, tell a much different story. The creek has flirted with entering our backyard for a few hours now. For a frame of reference, those familiar will remember the trampoline in "our" side yard. The creek is within a few feet of the trampoline. Unbelievable!

Also, I have posted some pictures of our street entrance and our neighbor's house.

Finally, here are some pictures of the crawl space under our house. I would estimate 4 inches of water in the crawl space. The bottom of the hot water heater is submerged so, needless to say, there is no hot water. As a side note, I noticed a nice plastic sled floating in the crawl space. I wish I had known about that a few months ago. It would have come in quite handy for Ellie and me.

As I said, we are very lucky considering the sheer volume of water here. The news indicates that some people have much larger problems than we do.


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LWolfe said...

I was going to call and check on yall. Glad yall are safe. If you need hot water, come to Mt. Juliet.

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