Sunday, July 5, 2009

It is hard to believe she is almost 2!!!!

The Shelton's have been busy!!!! Last weekend, we went to Memphis for the weekend. Nana and Pop gave us tickets to see Wicked. It did not let me down...even after four times! Nana had a little birthday party for Ellie while we were there. (Maybe they will send me some pics from that party!)

Mom came to Memphis on Sunday and took Ellie with her to Mississippi! Ellie spent the week with her Bobby, Na Na and Es. They were busy bees all week...never a dull moment. They went swimming, visiting, riding in the golf cart, playing in the playhouse, etc.... I know Mom will be excited about being childless this week! Thanks for giving me the week to get TONS of stuff done. I sure did miss her, though.

On Friday, everyone came to Nashville to celebrate Ellie's birthday and the Fourth of July. It was really no big deal...just burgers, cake and ice cream. It was tons of fun to be with everyone. Thanks to Aunt Amanda for her darling dress that she wore to the party! Ellie is now taking a marathon nap....more to come on her REAL birthday. Yikes...we have been celebrating for 2 weeks!

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