Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Shout Out to Aunt Nan

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Aunt Nan...Happy Birthday to you! Aunt Nan is Ellie's Aunt/Godmother...and boy is she a good one. Everyone needs an Aunt Nan! Nan is in Aberdeen celebrating her birthday and I sure wish we were there, too! Here are several reasons we love Nan:
1. She takes you on THE BEST trips ever. (New York, London, Charleston, etc...)
2. Her house is so much fun to visit...nothing but the best for her guests!
3. She introduced Brian to Nordstrom's! (and Tommy!)
4. She let me live with her for a whole summer! I had an incredible summer working for her!
5. She takes you to see all the Broadway plays! (and loves Wicked as much as we do!)
6. She makes sure all the stickers are in the right place on your Barbie and the Rockers van!
7. She loves to go see movies on Christmas night!
8. She won't let you go to bed unless you have added at least 50 puzzle pieces.
9. She has always had the best addresses...(3200 Paces Station Ridge, 11 Mount Vernon Circle) Ha Ha!
10. She is by far the sweetest, most caring, fun person we know. We are honored to have her in our lives and for her to be Ellie's God-mother! Thanks for all you do for us. Happy Birthday Aunt Nan!
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