Saturday, September 20, 2008


We have been in Louisville, KY this week at the Ryder Cup. We have been having a blast. These are some pictures from the opening ceremonies on Thursday. Some background about these pictures, first. We arrived late to the opening ceremonies, were about 30,000 people from the stage, and could not see anything. Carrie Beth happened to look to the left and there were both teams preparing to walk through the crowd to the stage! We took several pictures and have attached a few. Notice Anthony Kim's sunglasses; they are classics and I believe my parents have a pair in their "sunglasses ziplock" at home (Adam, you know what I am talking about).

Now, as to the last picture included below. Carrie Beth and I saw this guy and IMMEDIATELY thought of ...Drew Harris. Drew, you have GOT to get one of these backpack beer things! You would be the most popular guy in class, I College Station.

After we got back from the opening ceremonies, CB and I noticed that Rascall Flatts and Taylor Swift were playing at Freedom Hall (aka enemy territory). So, we bought tickets, dropped our baggage off (Meemaw and Pa) and went back to the concert. Much easier to take an impromptu trip without Elle! The concert was fun but we really missed our Belle! Mommy and Daddy love you Ellie!

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Unknown said...

How come no one told me about this momentous occasion? Welcome friend!:)